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Contact me if yo need help or have a question. I'm here to help you with anything you need, Send me a message in the site mail or use the contact us form. You might ask your question in the Forum, this will help others to answer some of there questione.
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Name= Wes Roettger
Date of Birth=July 28, 1944
Sexual Orientation= Straight
Height= 5' 7"
Weight= 170 lbs.
Country= Philippines
Zodiac Sign= Leo

My Comments

I'm here to meet people and to help you. If you need help in any way, just ask I'm happy to help. I have a good education With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a bachelor’s degree in bachelor’s I have over 25 years as a relationship coundelor. If you have problems with relationships , contact me. We can talk!

I'm adding a chat here and you will be able to talk directly to me and everything is private. This is just for you to talk to me. you wont be able to talk to other people on the site. to talk to other people just go to your profile and go to tools, form the drop down click on Video chat and you can meet your friends there,

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Let us know if you have any ideas about features for the site. Is there something you would like to have on the site. Have  you seen something on other sites you would like to see. We are always looking for new features to try on the site.

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