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Your profile is here to introduce you to people that visit your profile. You should have a lot of photos. Your profile will hold up to 100 photos.

But photos are not the only thing that matters. When you say I would like to introduce myself you need to say something. Like what are you looking for, what do you like and what you don't like. This is your chance to tell people about you. If you are looking for a foreigner you will want to show that you are open minded. Here in the Philippines most people are very conservative, but the rest of the world is not to conservative, they are very open minded. Filipinos are very shy, and at first it is cute, but as you get to know someone you need to open up, I don't mean for you to change your way of life, but you must be open to try new things.  On your profile you should give  all the information that you can. Never say tell you later, later may never come. People come to your profile to learn about you and if you don't tell about your self. They will just move on there are many people that want to meet them and will fill there profile with information to help them get to know you.

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What is Polyamory

Polyamory refers to romantic love with more than one person, honestly, ethically, and with the full knowledge and consent of all concerned. Polyamory often involves multiple long-term committed relationships, either separately or together, but it can also come in many different forms.

What is Open Relationships

An open relationship is an interpersonal relationship in which the parties want to be together but agree to a form of a non-monogamous relationship. This means that they agree that a romantic or intimate relationship with another person is accepted, permitted, or tolerated. Generally, an open relationship is when the parties involved have two or more romantic or sexual relationships occurring at the same time either as a short-term relationship, such as dating, or a long-term relationship, such as marriage. The concept of an open relationship has been recognized since 1970

What is Swingers

Swingers can be couples (married or not) or singles.They have a sexually free spirit. Couples tend to be in love with each other, and only "share" each other sexually with others. Sometimes this means "swapping wives" sometimes it means "group sex".
Single swingers generally despise the dating process and would rather meet at swinger gatherings where it is acceptable and in some cases expected that sex can/will occur on the spot with whomever they meet and feel attracted to.

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