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Instead of me just telling you what it’s like to be a porn star, I thought we would take a moment to actually speak with some real ones and let the true professionals answer some of your questions.


Answering your questions will be Nick Manning, Audrey Hollander and The Love Twins. All of them have been in the business for years and have made more adult movies than I could even count. Nick Manning was recently inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame. Audrey Hollander is a former AVN Female Performer of the Year and The Love Twins are identical twin sisters who were former Vivid Girls. I’ll be reaching out to my other porn star friends in the future and adding them too so they can answer more questions as they come in.


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What was it like doing your first scene in porn?


Audrey Hollander I think it was easier for me than for most people because prior to filming my first scene for the public, I practiced with my real life husband. We would have sex and film it, then watch it and see what we could do better. I probably did this hundreds of times before I went public, so to speak.

Do you need an agent to be in porn?


Nick Manning  You don’t need to do anything in porn except keep your dick hard and show up on time. The question is, can you do better without an agent? Can you book yourself more work than they can for you? Most of the time the answer to that is, of course not. They have all the connections. But if you have an agent. The agent will be paid for booking  you. So you must  think about how much  you make after you pay the agent. I would try working without an agent.  A site like this one will book you and the cost is less than an agent.


Audrey Hollander I don’t use an agent but I also don’t film a lot of scenes. I work with a handful of companies and when I want to make some money I just pick up the phone call someone and say hey, what do you have for me? But then again I’ve also been in the business a long time and have proven.


The Love Twins When we first got into the business we got hooked up with a real low life. No he wasn’t a licensed agent but we didn’t know better. That was a huge mistake. We were like oh he wants to make us famous? Ok cool, we’ll sign here and give you the rights to us for the next 5 years. In hindsight that was totally stupid of us. If you are going to use an agent then sign with a company that is legal. If you have to sign a contract, never ever do it for more than 1 year at a time, no matter how good of a deal it may sound at the time.

Are there other ways to make money besides doing scenes?


Audrey Hollander Are you kidding? Of course! There are so many ways to make money besides just doing movies. Doing movies is really only the launching pad to get your name out there and then you use that fame or notoriety to make the real money.


It’s different for males than it is for females. But for women we can run our own websites, do live cam shows, private shows on Skype. Women can also make a lot of money touring the country as a feature dancer. Not only will they make money the club pays them to appear, but tips from the fans as well as the money you make from selling autographed movies and head shots at the club. There are some girls who make 10 times the money they do dancing than they do making movies. But then again they make that kind of crazy cash dancing because they make the movies in the first place.


Both male and females can also make money by doing signings at local adult stores and by selling branded items like sex toys with their name on it. So yeah, there are a lot of ways you can make money by being a porn star. Making movies is just the tip of the iceberg.

What’s the #1 advice you would give someone just starting out in porn?


The Love Twins Don’t go crazy with your money. You really need to think of your future. You aren’t going to be able to do porn forever and because you did porn your future career options become limited as well. So invest wisely in your future and save lots of money. My sister and I used our money to pay for our education and we invested 15% of everything we made during the entire time we were in porn.


So many porn stars are broke because they aren’t smart about their money and yet they make so much of it. Most girls get paid by the scene and go home with their pay. But if you negotiate for a percentage you will make 1000 times more money, and you will get paid every time a copy of that video sells, Forever. This is one way to build your income and security for when you retire.

Do you worry about STDs filming so many movies?


Audrey Hollander  No way. All porn stars are regularly tested – most every 2 weeks. You can’t work and not be tested for STDs. The real problem isn’t having sex with porn stars, it’s when you have unprotected sex with some guy you picked up in a bar. It’s important that if you want to stay clean and you aren’t having sex with a porn star, who you know is regularly tested (because all porn stars have to be tested), then use a condom. If you don’t want to get an STD then don’t pick up strangers and have unprotected sex with them.

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