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We all know, or we should know that photos are the most important part of a profile is your photos, Photos should be of you, not your kids or pets, not even your best friend. People come to your profile to learn about you. and photos will hold there attion. The next step is to add information. Tell them things that you think they want to know about. This is where you tell them about your kids, if you have kids. If you have kids don't hide it, this is something that you can't hide for long. But you don't want to post there photos. If it works out there will be a time for them to meet!

Photo rules

1. All photos must be clearly yourself only and good quality. 5 mega pixels or better.

2. No children allowed in any photos.

3. Uploading photos of celebrities, fake photos will be deleted.

4. Upload photos to your Profile or your Private Photo page.

5. You may Upload upto 5 photos each time you add Photos.

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Photos are the most important part of your profile. When someone comes to your profile the first thing they look for is your photos. They say there is someone for everyone, this is true. Everyone has something they like, and something they don’t like. Some people like fat people and some like thin. Some people like tall people and some like short people. So whatever you are, don’t think you can’t find love. Have pride in what you are and display yourself. Post your photos. If you don’t post your photos, people will never see the beauty of you. Add the photos you like, on this site you can adult photos or just beautiful photos of you. Put your best foot forward. Be open minded. What do you think people want to see. What will attract them to you? You can only find what makes you happy is you are willing to put forth, so don't be shy. Post photos and be yourself, make your own dreams come true. Only you can do that, no-one is going to do it for you, go for it!! Take the first steep to find happness, it is up to you!!

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